Family Caregiver Program

Helping you Help the ones you love

The purpose of the Family Caregiving Class is to help participants gain an understanding of what is involved in caring for a loved one and know how to provide that care through 90 min modules covering topics such as personal care, home safety, nutrition and others.

For Registration dates and class dates
call Sarah’s Place at 606-738-4270

Class fee of $150 is due on the first day of class

Contact us to learn more or to enroll in the program

Week 1
 Home Safety
•    Providing a Safe environment
•    Fire Safety
•    Infection Control
•    Medication Safety
•    Emergency PreparednessCaregiving Skills
•    Reading & Recording Vital Signs
•    Sudden Illness
•    Giving Medication
•    Time Saving Ideas

Resource topic:
Select Home Care Options


Week 2
Alzheimer’s and Dementia
•    Facts About Dementia
•    Why People Become Confused
•    Dealing With Difficult Behaviors
•    Helping With Daily Activities

Positioning and Moving
•    Prevent Strains
•    Prevent Pressure Ulcers
•    Range of Motion Exercises
•    Getting From Bed to Chair
•    Helping Your Loved One Walk

Resource topic:
Geriatric Social Worker

Week 3
 Eating Healthy
•    Nutrition Basics
•    Making Mealtime Enjoyable
•    Helping Your Loved One to Eat
•    Monitoring Intake and Output
•    Special Dietary Needs
•    How to Respond to ChokingPersonal Care
•    Assisting With Mouth Care
•    Assisting With Grooming
•    Assisting with Undressing and Dressing
•    Assisting with Bathing and Shampooing
•    Assisting with Toileting



Week 4

Caring for the Caregiver
•    Communication and Organization
•    Caregiver Stress
•    Depression
•    Rest
•    Diet and Exercise

Legal and Financial Issues
•    Advance Directives
•    Durable Power of Attorney
•    Insurance Information
•    The Facts About Funerals




All participants will receive a
card from the American Red Cross
verifying completion of the
Family Caregiving Program.  An optional day to learn CPR
is available for an additional fee of
$10.00 after the Family Caregiving class is finished.

Classes are held twice a week for
four weeks on Monday and Wednesday,
12:00 noon to 4:00 pm. Each Class
will have a professional resource
person, such as a nurse, social
worker, dietitian, who will be
available for consultation.

Call Sarah’s Place at
1-606-738-4270 for a list
of dates when this class
will be offered.

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