Child Development Center


Each child is as unique as a handprint, precious as a jewel

Our Purpose is
• to provide a safe, healthy learning environment
• to provide opportunities to play, interact with other children to develop social skills
• Maintain child care services that support stability and self sufficiency in families
• collaborate with family and community partners to improve and enhance all programs.

Our Goals are
• to provide childcare with trained personnel dedicated to the total development of every child enrolled.
• to provide age-appropriate opportunities for a child to grow physically, socially, intellectually, and spiritually
• to provide parents/guardians opportunities to practice positive child care techniques.
• to develop a loving bond between families and Sarah’s Place Child Development Center to make the transition from home to school pleasant and nurturing.

Infant Program
We accept infants from six weeks to 23 months. Children have a primary caregiver. This allows the infant to develop an intimate, stable relationship. They are fed, changed and given a nap on their own schedule.

Each baby has their own crib for nap time. Staff play with babies, hold and rock them, talk to them and teach them the required skills to move up to the toddler group.

Families provide bottles, formulas, cereals, jarred foods and tale foods according to the baby’s needs. They also provide diapers and any other personal items the baby may need.

Toddler Program
This program is for children approximately 12 through 24 months. The program encourages hands-on experiences, exploration, movement, self-awareness and a healthy awareness of and respect for others.

Children work on:
• using spoons and cups at the table
• learning social skills
• developing fine and gross motor skills
• having lots of fun as their mobility increases

Pre-School Program
The program for this group is both formal and informal. Throughout the day activities are age-appropriate and based on a monthly theme.

These themes help the pre-school child:
• respond to real life situations
• learn about science, math, art
• do pre-reading and writing skills
• preform significantly better in math, language and social skills with in formal schooling

Families contribute to the food co-op program

Fees and Rates are discussed during Registration

No Charges – when center closed for vacation, holidays, in-service days.

Payments due – weekly, or by individual payment plan

We are open from 7:00 am through 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Appointments available by calling 606-738-9290 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

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