Our Programs

Child Development Center

Each child is as unique as a handprint, precious as a jewel

Our Purpose is
• to provide a safe, healthy learning environment
• to provide opportunities to play, interact with other children to develop social skills
• Maintain child care services that support stability and self sufficiency in families
• collaborate with family and community partners to improve and enhance all programs.

Our Goals are
• to provide childcare with trained personnel dedicated to the total development of every child enrolled.
• to provide age-appropriate opportunities for a child to grow physically, socially, intellectually, and spiritually
• to provide parents/guardians opportunities to practice positive child care techniques.
• to develop a loving bond between families and Sarah’s Place Child Development Center to make the transition from home to school pleasant and nurturing.


Family Caregiver Program

More than 22 Million families are caring for a loved one at home.

As our population ages, more and more families will be taking care of a spouse, disabled relative, or grandparent at home. For many caregivers, taking care of a loved one is only part of other commitments to a job, and the routine running of a home.

Our Family Caregiver Program is based on the successful American Red Cross modular Family Caregiver Program, and is designed to give the caregiver basic non-medical training that helps balance caregiving responsibilities with other daily demands in a safe and nurturing way.



Parent College

“Happy families aren’t born… they’re made one day at a time.”

The most important job of your life is tougher than you think! This program is designed to support families as they struggle to raise good kids in hard times. It is flexible enough to help parents raise infants, toddlers, pre-teens and teen aged children.

• Classes are held Tuesday evenings, 6 p.m. – 8: 30 p.m. for 6 consecutive weeks.
• Groups are kept small (limit 12 participants) to allow each parent a chance to join in the class.
• There is a sliding scale fee, never more than $10 dollars a week, to cover all expenses.
• A certificate of completion is awarded after week 6 that satisfies court ordered parenting requirements.
• Babysitting is provided if needed.
• Referrals: self, court, medical professional, social worker, school authorities.


State Certified Nurse Aide Training

The Program at a glance:

This class is a blend of 36 hours of instructional study using the internet, 25 hours of supervised Lab practice and mastery of Nurse Aide Skills, and two eight hour days of on-site clinical experiences. Once all components are completed successfully, you will be eligible to take the Kentucky State certification test.

The program is largely self-paced, allowing you to learn and review at your convenience. You never miss a class. The Instructional Study phase of the program is accessible on any computer that can reach the internet 24/7 throughout the time you are enrolled.


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