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Our Mission

Sarah’s Place is a center for opportunity. Its mission is to empower all, especially women and their children with tools and resources that promote self worth and self-sufficiency. We do this in a faith filled atmosphere of peace, hope, creativity, and innovation. We are committed to excellence; courteous, accountable service, ever mindful of the beauty and culture of our area. Sarah’s Place provides the building blocks of opportunity.

About Sarah’s Place

Sarah’s Place was incorporated in 1996 in Elliott County. We are in the Northeastern Appalachian region of Kentucky, close to the West Virginia border. The county covers 234 square miles of rugged terrain with a population of roughly 6,753 people. The percentage of families living below the federal poverty level in these counties ranges from 22% to 36%. All school aged children qualify for free or reduced rate meals.

We searched for a place to start, and finally found a former funeral home in the county seat of Sandy Hook. We purchased the funeral home in 1997, and renovated it with a major grant through Kentucky Housing Corporation. Funds to set up our computer lab were won through a major grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission. We are centrally located near the court house, post office, middle and high school, bank, county library, Adult Education Center, and Senior Center.

Our facilities include a lab for the Certified Nurse Aide program, a mobile wireless computer lab, the administrative offices. We also have a Child Development Center off campus that provides day care services and summer programs for school aged children to age ten.

What We Do

• Assist with emergency services from basic needs to legal resources
• Teach Certified Nurse Aide Classes
• Conduct a Parent College Program
• Provide Circle of Hope Addictions Support Program
• Provide Safe Sitter training
• Teach CPR and First Aid classes
• Child Development Center Infant Care program ( 6 weeks to 23 months old)
• Preschool program for children 2-4 years old
• After school and summer program for children up to 10 years old
• County wide supplemental food program for senior citizens

In 2013, we

• provided 27,108 direct services to 4,944 families
• triaged 3,425 phone calls for help
• provided 16,568 hours of services to clients
• taught 9 classes

How We Do It

We partner with local, regional, and state agencies to complement and enhance existing services. Our income is generated from private, unrestricted donations, from foundations and grant funds, Government grants, United Way, three major fundraisers yearly, endowments, and income generated from our services.

Sarah’s Place Staff

S. Sarah “Sally” Neale
Program & Marketing Coordinator

Ashley Traylor

Tina Moore
Office Manager

Child Development Center Staff

S. Maritia Smith
Child Development Center Director
Melissa Craig Assistant Director
Melissa Craig
Assistant Director
Carol Gilliam Child Care Worker
Carol Gilliam
Child Care Worker
Nicole Fannin Child Care Worker
Nicole Fannin
Child Care Worker

Brittany Click
Child Care Worker

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