Nurse Aide Program

Your donation to the Nurse Aide program changed my life.

“I came from a family with limited means, being raised by a single mother. Growing up, I often didn’t get to participate in extra curricular activities. It just wasn’t in the budget. My mother worked, but because of her lack of education, she didn’t qualify for a higher paying job.
Now that I am grown, and a single mother, I worried that the cycle of limited means and few opportunities for advancement would continue.
Then I applied for the Nurse Aide class at Sarah’s Place and received a scholarship from one of the Sarah’s Place donors. I was ecstatic! The idea of getting a career in a growing field sounded just the thing needed to break the cycle. I took the class, passed, have a job. I feel that if it wasn’t for the wonderful staff and the scholarship, my two wonderful daughters wouldn’t have all the opportunities available to them that they will now. Thank you.”

“I am taking a 3 hour class everyday at MSU, take the Nurse Aide class at Sarah’s Place, work at the Family Dollar Store four days a week and take care of my 13 month old at home, volunteer at my local animal shelter on weekends, and I still make all A’s. That seems like a lot for one person, but I am more than willing to take a challenge. I think Sarah’s Place has made a huge impact on me. It’s helped me make the first step towards pursuing my career. I plan on continuing school to become a Nurse Aide.”